Hi! I’m Joni, a software engineer. You may have seen me on Stackoverflow or GitHub.

My motto is making the right things, in the right way. All too often software is built that doesn’t serve its purpose, or in a way that makes it cumbersome to use or impossible to maintain.

As a pragmatic full stack developer, I believe the proper way to software engineering and development is to take into account all parts of the system, from user interface to algorithm design and operating system internals, from requirements capture to testing and deployment. Everything is a trade-off, and good engineering is about making balanced choices between a continuity of options.

For the past years I’ve worked with Qindel. They have over 12 years in the field of information technology with broad experienced professionals. Thanks to a highly specialized staff, they have the confidence of many enterprises in sectors including telecommunications, banking, and government. There my responsibilities have included:

  • Design and implementation of software solutions that scale to hundreds of nodes for clients including BBVA, Vodafone, and Inditex
  • Object oriented analysis and design, with a focus on testability and code quality
  • Programming in Java, Perl, and C, depending on client requirements and project needs
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases

Interested in knowing more? See my CV on Stackoverflow Careers or LinkedIn.

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